Machine CE Marking

The CE marking shows the compliance of a product with the applicable European regulations, and is required for marketing machines in the European Union since January 1995.  European Directives consider the manufacturer responsible for the safety of the product it manufactures.


According to the European Directives, the manufacturer is responsible for the safety of its products. Non-compliant equipment exposes manufacturers to unacceptable risks, such as the withdrawal of products from the market, prohibition of their commercialization, and fines of high amounts.

In case of accident the consequences are even more serious: the manufacturer is considered negligent.

Depending on its characteristics, a machine may, in addition to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, also affect the 2014/35 /EU Low Voltage Directive, the 2014/30/EU Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive, 2014/29/EU Pressure Vessels Directive, …

In addition to placing the CE marking on the machine and signing a Declaration of Conformity to the Directives, the manufacturer must prepare and collect the documentation that demonstrates to third parties the suitability of a device to the applicable Directives, justifying its CE marking, by means of a Technical File for each machine type.

For the machine manufacturer, integrating safety into the design phases of its products becomes a basic and key factor of international competitiveness. Without expert help, this task can be excessively prolonged over time and if it is not carried out simultaneously with the machine design, the results may be at least uncertain.

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CE marking key points

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Functional Technical File

The Technical File has two functions:

    • Serve as a registration of the design process which, based on European standards, determines the detail of the safety measures integrated in the machine.
    • It must also fulfill its role as proof of compliance of the machine to the European Directives.

Our Technical File elaboration service includes this double approach, integrating our experience of more than 20 years. In addition, our service is naturally focused on training our customers for the preparation of Technical Files, with a minimum need for external advice in the future.

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Efficient safety designs

Based on the applicable regulations, the safety designs must be integrated in the same process of design of the machines, combining the safety aspects with the technical, constructive and productive ones. Only in this way can the appropriate safety systems be designed in each case.

In our Safety Systems Design Service we bring all our experience to combine the knowledge of the machinery and its processes of our customers, obtain excellent safety designs both from the functional point of view of safety and its certification.

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Agile tests

For the CE marking of machines, tests on specific aspects, such as electrical safety, stopping times, noise, stability, etc., are required, as it is mandatory to documentally verify that the actual values of the finished equipment are in accordance with the requirements stablished by european regulations.

Our on-site testing services make it easy to meet deadlines and set the costs related to certification.

  • Stop Analysis Tests: Measuring stopping dangerous movements of machines (Presses, Folders, Robots, Mobile machines, etc.) make easy to determine the safety distances of the different solutions, based on the aplyable standards, as EN-ISO13855.

  • Electrical Safety Tests of  machines according to EN60204-1.
  • Acoustic Emissions Tests of Machines according to EN3746.
Safework, CE

Advantages of working with Safework

  • Reduce Technical File compilation time
  • Empower technical personnel to make Technical Files
  • ​Ensure compliance with applicable legislation
  • Optimize machine safety systems
  • Specify certified security systems
  • Synchronize documentation and machine delivery
  • Accelerate machine delivery and start-up processes